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Here you can find news, articles, essays, videos etc about social ecology and communalism.

Most of our material is in finnish, but we also have quite a lot in english, and we are continuously working to expand our collection.

Here below you will find a list of our english material.

If you are new to communalism and social ecology we recommend that you read one or two of the introductory texts you find on this website. ”Imagine democracy…” and ”What do we want” is a good starting point. For a more substantial presentation of communalism as a political practice we recommend ”Libertarian Municipalism as a politcal alternative” and for an introduction to the social analysis of social ecology we recommend ”What is Social Ecology?

This webpage is run by kommunalistien liitto (The Communalist Leauge), an association of people who want to spread the ideas of communalism and social ecology in Finland. To learn more about us, check out the page Liitto and if you want to help us in our efforts, dont hesitate to make contact!

In our archive Archive (Arkisto) we have a lot of PDF:s but also link to video- and sounclips. Under the page Kauppa (Store) you find books, pamphlets etc. for sale.

Enjoy your stay and welcome back again!

Material in english:

Imagine democracy…

What do we want

Libertarian Municipalism as a political alternative

What is Social Ecology?


OBS! If you are looking for material that was cleaned away during the makeover of this page (septenber 2013), you can find the old page here.


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